Only Child


In a landscape of distorted and fractured memories, a teenage prince meets a lonely schoolteacher and becomes deeply intertwined in her home, her marriage, and her fantasies.

Nice Nails


As word spreads of labor department crackdowns, a Korean-American woman fights to modernize her parents' tired nail salon, all while growing captivated by a new customer.

Resting Bitch Face


While studying for a history test on World War II, three 10th-grade girls warn their friend about the dangers her RBF poses to her social standing.

The Canvasser


A canvasser comes to the door of two clueless young women, to encourage them to vote in the upcoming election, but they couldn’t care less, even though the world is on the brink of disaster.



Natalie, an “actor” in L.A., grabs coffee with her estranged childhood friend who’s in town, and word vomits about her fabulous life, until her façade falls, and the two women are drawn together.

Full of It, or Diana


Diana is the worst. Or is she actually a pretty decent person with a strong moral compass and the rest of us are assholes?

A Bushel and a Peck


solo show

Excavating a family secret, Aaron grapples with what to make of a void left by a less-than-perfect loved one.

Hanukkah Harriet


for young audiences

Shayna hates Hanukkah. That is, until a bubby from the Old Country teaches her the value of tradition and of miracles, large and small.

Can I See Your Face?


By day, Jeff and Kirk lead humdrum lives like the rest of us, but, at night, these two closeted men rendezvous in a gay sex chat room and project their fantasies onto each other. 

Him & Her & Gay Men in General


A metaplay that starts as a simple story but spirals into a more complicated one, about love, sex, and children of abuse.

At the Movies with Kenneth and Asher


Kenneth and Asher got caught sneaking into an R-rated movie, so they’re on a bench in front of the theater, unsure of what to do with their night—or at least until their moms come to pick them up.


The Haven, a pilot

half-hour, single-camera

A dry ensemble comedy-drama that centers on a seedy family-owned rent-by-the-hour motel. Inspired by my family.


Musical Theatre

The Travels


The U.S. of A. is the greatest country on Earth — at least, that’s what they preach every day on the nation’s only TV show. This dystopian tale has proven eerily prophetic in the age of Trump.

The Cousin with the Eyebrows


12-year-old Sol's life turns from dismal to spectacular when Seth, his 25-year-old gay cousin who lives in New York City, comes to visit for Yom Kippur.



1979, New York City. A privileged, well-bred young woman goes off in search of adventure in the world of disco, where she finds her new obsession: a fabulous trans woman.