The Travels

An Epic play

by Aaron Ricciardi

With songs

by Kelly Hoppenjans (music) and Aaron Ricciardi (lyrics)

This smart quite a pleasant surprise, a political show with a conscience that forgoes didacticism in favor of dark humor. It will make you hurt from laughter, until you realize that behind its jokes lies the scary possibility of prescience.
The Travels is a bold piece of theater.
The dark pit of totalitarianism is never so fun filled as when it is pondered over in song, dance and pop culture references. That is the take away from The Travels.

Photos from the 2014 New York Musical Festival production:



Welcome to the U.S. of A. Other countries suffer biblical consequences for their filthy ways, but the U.S. of A. is the most perfect place on Earth — at least, that’s what Mr. Travel preaches every day on the nation’s only TV show. A trippy dystopian tale with an eclectic soundtrack, this Epic play with songs follows Teeny, Mr. Travel’s rule-breaking daughter. Teetering on adulthood and perplexed by this cruel world, Teeny learns to see past smoke and mirrors… and she starts a revolution. Mashing up styles that range from Brecht to dystopian fiction to South Park, this show turns the genre of musical theatre on its ear.


Character Breakdown

4 women, 4 men [8 total]

Production History

  • Professional, 2014: New York Musical Theatre Festival, dir. Travis Greisler

Development History

  • Workshop, 2013: Coriolis Theatre Company, Chicago

  • Workshop, 2011: Agnes Nixon Playwriting Festival, Northwestern University