The Cousin With The Eyebrows

A ten-minute musical

Book and Lyrics by Aaron Ricciardi

Music by Daniel Rein



It's Break the Fast dinner at twelve-and-a-half-year-old Sol's family's house. A real social caterpillar, Sol has a hard time relating to anyone or anything that isn't the books he reads or the trivia he's memorized or the Broadway CDs he listens to on his Discman. But this Yom Kippur turns out to be very special indeed when Seth, Sol's twenty-five-year-old gay cousin who lives New York City, comes to ring in the High Holy Day at Sol's house, and Sol gets a glimpse of a possible future where he might feel a little less like an outcast.


Character Breakdown

4 men (or 1 man/3 boys), 1 woman [5 total]

Development History

Workshop, 2014: BMI Musical Theatre Workshop


Audio from a presentation at the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop