Book and Lyric Writing Portfolio

Untitled Stuffed Animal Musical


Nate, a gay first-grade teacher, is perpetually single. For summer break, Nate has taken himself on a solo backpacking trip through Asia. In Tokyo, Nate stops in for some lunch at a restaurant that—unknown to him—has a peculiar policy: if you dine there by yourself, they seat you with a giant stuffed animal so you don’t have to be alone. Uncomfortable with this situation, but too polite to get up and leave, Nate makes small talk with the unresponsive giant stuffed animal sitting across from him. Inspired by Café Moomin, a real-life restaurant in Tokyo.

Performance History:

  • BMI Workshop Smoker, Performance of song “I Met a Guy,” 2016

Fabulous: a new musical


1979, New York City. Louise Adler is a privileged, well-bred twenty-two-year-old girl who has everything she was ever raised to want, but, deep down, she’s bored. When her life starts to lose its shimmer of perfection, she leaves her goody-two-shoes past behind, changes her name to the more exciting Ellie, and goes off in search of excitement. One night at a gay disco, she is captivated by a fabulous drag performer. Ellie infiltrates this queen's circle, and these two become the unlikeliest of lovers. Thus begins a tragic true tale of love, fame, obsession, and, ultimately, murder.

Development History:

  • Workshop, 2014-2015: BMI Musical Theatre Workshop

The Travels: an Epic play with songs


Welcome to the U.S. of A. Other countries suffer biblical consequences for their filthy ways, but the U.S. of A. is the most perfect place on Earth — at least, that’s what Mr. Travel preaches every day on the nation’s only TV show. A trippy dystopian tale with an eclectic soundtrack, this Epic play with songs follows Teeny, Mr. Travel’s rule-breaking daughter. Teetering on adulthood and perplexed by this cruel world, Teeny learns to see past smoke and mirrors… and she starts a revolution. Mashing up styles that range from Brecht to dystopian fiction to South Park, this show turns the genre of musical theatre on its ear.

Production History

  • Professional, 2014: New York Musical Theatre Festival, dir. Travis Greisler

Development History

  • Workshop, 2013: Coriolis Theatre Company, Chicago

  • Workshop, 2011: Agnes Nixon Playwriting Festival, Northwestern University

The Cousin with the Eyebrows: a ten-minute musical


It's Break the Fast dinner at twelve-and-a-half-year-old Sol's family's house. A real social caterpillar, Sol has a hard time relating to anyone or anything that isn't the books he reads or the trivia he's memorized or the Broadway CDs he listens to on his Discman. But this Yom Kippur turns out to be very special indeed when Seth, Sol's twenty-five-year-old gay cousin who lives New York City, comes to ring in the High Holy Day at Sol's house, and Sol gets a glimpse of a possible future where he might feel a little less like an outcast.

Development History:

  • Reading, 2014: BMI Musical Theatre Workshop

"A Friend Like Francine,"

based on a scene from Clybourne Park by Bruce Norris.

"Oh, The Things You'll Do!"

based on a moment from It's a Wonderful Life.