A full-length musical

Book and Lyrics by Aaron Ricciardi

Music by Daniel Rein



1979, New York City. Louise Adler is a privileged, well-bred twenty-two-year-old girl who has everything she was ever raised to want, but, deep down, she’s bored. When her life starts to lose its shimmer of perfection, she leaves her goody-two-shoes past behind, changes her name to the more exciting Ellie, and goes off in search of excitement. One night at a gay disco, she is captivated by a fabulous drag performer. Ellie infiltrates this queen's circle, and these two become the unlikeliest of lovers. Thus begins a tragic true tale of love, fame, obsession, and, ultimately, murder.


Development History

Workshop, 2014-2015: BMI Musical Theatre Workshop


Sung by Emily Kron, with Gaby Gold, Aaron Ricciardi, and Daniel Rein

Sung by Emily Kron

Sung by Aaron Ricciardi

Sung by Emily Kron and Aaron Ricciardi