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Aaron is a Huffington Post blogger. Check out his articles below. Click the links to head over to the HuffPost to read them.

"Donald Trump Won Because He's a Rock Star"

Aaron elegizes the Clinton campaign, analyzing how we as a country found ourselves at the election of Donald. Aaron explains how he thinks star power and gender biases factored into the reality of this nightmare, and how it all reminds him of Back to the Future Part II.

"Homophobia: Live on Broadway"

Aaron's provides a first-hand account of the homophobic heckling he witnessed at a performance of The Color Purple on Broadway.

"Let's Stop Pretending That Destructive Nonsense Deserves Airtime"

Aaron was furious that his alma mater's alumni magazine chose to publish a letter to its editor that oozed with hate speech, so he wrote a letter of his own. Aaron tells this story and then connects these events to the media's obsession with impartiality in the age of Trump.

"Fighting Bigots with Bigotry: A Fool's Defense Mechanism"

Aaron has found a strange tendency among victims of bigotry and their defenders to respond to acts of bigotry by becoming bigoted themselves. 

Aaron uses the aggravating marketing campaign of Gravity as a springboard for expressing his frustrations with the misogynistic culture of the film industry.

Aaron's personal reflection on the time he spent at the Supreme Court for the case of Windsor v. the United States.

Aaron's humorous and bittersweet investigation into the effects that technology is having on dating